Stretch Ceilings & Wall Coverings


  Clean and fast ONE DAY! installation.

  Maintenance free, will never crack, flake, or peel.

  Hide popcorn or damaged ceiling with no mess.

  Printable and backlit translucent options.

  Acoustic, sound quality material.

  Antibacterial.  Dirt and Water repellent.

  Non-flammable (USA Class A).

  10 year manufacturer guarantee.

Existing damaged popcorn
Frame installed directly to ceiling
Material is snapped into place
Seamless installation completed

ECO CEILING is the ideal solution for renovation projects for use on ceiling or wall applications. With professional and easy installation suited for residential or commercial spaces. Using a system of high­tech profiles, ECO CEILING coverings can be contoured to all kinds of shapes and wraps easily around architectural structures, doors, and windows. Eco Ceiling stretch ceilings and wall coverings can blends installation seamlessly with light systems including LEDs, spotlights, light fixtures, fiber optics, etc. as well as appliances air conditioning, soundproofing, VMC, etc.

ECO CEILING offers several design options, such as suspended ceilings, acoustic panels, light panels, architectural shapes, partitions, etc. Printable options are ideal for visual communication and signage as well enhancing any decor with color, images, or graphic artwork.