10 things you didn't know about Stretch Ceilings

Stretch ceilings are a relatively new concept to many people and you might not be aware of just how innovative they are! Here are 10 facts about stretch ceilings that you probably didn’t know: 


1. They’re easy to clean

Because they are made of PVCmaterial, stretch ceilings are incredibly easy to keep clean. They usually don’t need any cleaning at all, but you can always just wipe them with window cleaner!


2. They don’t absorb smells

This is the reason why stretch ceilings work great in restaurants! They don’t absorb odors, making them a great option for places like kitchens (or even the homes of heavy smokers!). 


3. They’re waterproof

Unlike some other ceiling options, stretch ceilings are waterproof. Just one square metre of stretch ceiling can hold up to 100 litres of water! 


4. They are non-flammable

You might be wondering about fire safety, but we can assure you our stretch ceilings are the safest product in the market. Our provider, Teqtum, his the only manufacturer that has EU certifications that guarantee its safety. When they are exposed to fire the material just melts away. Hot bits of material do not drop off the ceiling and the fire does not spread.


5. You can create different levels and shapes to your ceiling

Stretch ceilings give you endless design possibilities when it comes to ceilings. You can add lights, create different levels, and give your ceiling different textures! 


6. They can be installed in a day 

We know that contruction and remodeling are extremely time consuming and they can leave your spaces dirty and messy. The good news is that that is not the case for stretch ceilings at all! Most of the work doesn’t happen in your house, and we just arrive, place the aluminum tracks and place your ceiling. We can be done in as short a time as 5 hours! 


7. They are ultra-hygienic

Stretch ceilings are highly recommended for healthcare and medical environments. They are very easy to clean and do not corrode or suffer from condensation.


8. They help better a room’s acoustics 

If your spaces have that incredibly annoying echo or if you’re surrounded by noisy neighbors, then stretch ceilings are perfect for you! They are made with a micro-perforated membrane which can be absorb background noises. 


9. They are completely recyclable

The fact that they are made out of PVC makes them incredibly easy to recycle! If you ever want to remodel your house, you don’t need to feel guilty about your ceilings. 


10. They can make your ceilings look taller

This is something that people don’t usually know about stretch ceilings! There’s one type of ceiling called High Gloss, and it’s especially great for homes with low ceilings. Since they have refractive properties, they create an optical illusion that can make your spaces look bigger and less boxy. 

If this doesn’t convince you to get your own stretch ceiling, you can always talk to us! We’re always available at +1 (844) 326 7326 or you can email us at and we’ll solve any of your doubts!