9 Ideas to Make your Room Look Larger

We know the pain of having a room that is smaller than we’re used to, especially when you’re moving from one place to another. It means cutting down on our decoration or even having to do away with it completely. We have some tips for people who want to make their rooms look a little bigger, which is actually not a hard task! 


Keep your furniture in scale 

Most of these tips are going to be optical illusions. There’s no way to actually make your room bigger, but if you scale all your furniture down, you can definitely make it seem bigger. Especially when it comes to the main characters of a room, like a bed, a dinner table, or a couch. If these are huge and prominent, then they will be the only thing anyone can see, and there won’t be any room left for circulation. 


Use vertical space

This is a way of making your room look less cluttered while still decorating. Instead of having one painting o shelf on each wall , make the best out of the space you have on top of your furniture and your everyday items! This also can work for your bigger furniture pieces, and it’s why loft beds are so popular nowadays. 



Keep your palette light

This one is probably the most well-known tip for anyone who wants to make their space look less cluttered. This probably seems pretty out of the blue, but think about the concept of black being “slimming”. Dark colors make objects seem smaller, while lighter palettes can optically “enlarge” things.  


Use mirrors

Mirrors help create optical illusions, since they make it seem like the room takes up more space than it actually does. 




Cut the clutter and keep it simple

It’s really important to try to keep your smaller rooms as streamlined as possible, and this doesn’t only apply to keep it organized and clutter-free. Simplification can also be avoiding wallpapers and busy patterns on your couches or bedspreads or trying to keep decoration to a minimum. 


Get a stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings create a similar effect to mirrors but they are a little less obvious. What glossy stretch ceilings do, basically, is refract the light that comes in from your window, making it seem like your ceiling goes on forever. It’s a great way not only to make your rooms look larger, but also to bring in more light. You can check out our glossy ceilings over here



Choose furniture with legs

This might not seem like a big thing, but we promise you that it can completely change a space! It gives the impression that there is more empty space than there actually is.


Fix your lighting 

Lighting is also essential to a room’s size. It’s always important to make the best of the natural light you have, but sometimes it’s not enough. Having good artificial lighting can make your room look large even in the moments when you don’t have access to the sun. Floor lamps are great for cozy lighting, and Perimeter LED Lights can also add an interesting flair to your room while also providing great atmospheric lighting. 


Do away with drapes and rugs

I know this sounds depressing, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices. You can simply move your favorite rugs and your brand new drapes to a bigger room! These things are not really that essential to your space and taking them our will make a BIG difference. You can always just switch to blinds if you need to keep the light out of your room!


We hope you enjoyed our tips! It’s always hard to redecorate a room or try to give it a new angle, which is why we are here to help you with any of your lighting and ceiling fixture needs. Call us at +1 (844) 326 7326 or use our contact form!