Decluttering using the Konmari method

The first few months of the new year are exciting and filled with resolutions and promises. As with many things, it’s also a great time to have a fresh start and change things up. Since we’ve been spending so much time at home, it’s even more important to take care of our spaces and make sure they aren’t messy or cluttered. 

Marie Kondo has been a trending topic for the past couple of years thanks to her innovative techniques that help people organize their lives and do away with things that are no longer useful or hold any importance. She uses the now popularized phrase "does it spark joy?" to guide the choices done to let go or keep an object. She even has her own TV show, where she helps families declutter their homes. 

Unlike what many people think, she is not a fighter for minimalism who wants you to donate all your furniture. Her philosophy lies in only owning things that will be relevant to your daily life or that will bring something positive to it, which is an incredible way to see things! Sticking to things that are no longer useful leads to clutter and chaotic households. This could all be avoided just by rationally considering what is actually important and what isn't. 



It's hard to start, most times. Where do you even begin? Decluttering feels impossible because the area to cover is so huge! Well, Marie Kondo has a very specific plan she uses to organize your cleaning. First of all, she suggests starting with clothes, followed by books, then papers, then miscellaneous items and, lastly, sentimental objects. She also has a few rules to follow: 



Commit yourself to tidying up.



Imagine your ideal lifestyle.



Finish discarding first.



Tidy by category, not by location.



Ask yourself if it sparks joy.


An important tip that Marie Kondo likes to share is: fold, don’t hang. She has a very specific type of fold (the vertical fold) that’s incredibly useful if you want to see all your clothes at once when you open your drawer! Here’s a video demonstrating how to do it: 


But something that’s very important to take into account is... where can you donate all of this? There are many organizations that are focused on allocating resources to people in need or reselling for profit, so here are some that you can check out. These five charities pick up your donations, which is great if you’re doing away with furniture or large amounts of clothes. You could also check out Charity Navigator for more information about different organizations.