Who are we? Florida Stretch Ceilings

Who are we? 

Eco Ceiling started out 6 years ago with the goal to enhance spaces that were made opaque by old asbestos-filled Popcorn Ceilings. Stretch Ceilings are very popular in Europe —where our founder, Alex, is from— and he saw his arrival in South Florida as a chance to introduce this innovative and unique product to Floridian designers. 

Alex started Eco Ceiling from the ground up, helping clients achieve the effect they desire on their ceiling, from reflected ocean views to intricate lighting designs. 

Where are we? 

We are located in Dania Beach, a picturesque town on the outskirts of Miami. 

What are Stretch Ceilings? 

Stretch ceilings are a suspended ceiling system, they consist of a sheet of PVC (or fabric) stretched over aluminum tracks. They are very useful to cover imperfections and achieve optical illusions. 

How long does it take to install a Stretch Ceiling? 

It usually depends on the measurements of the area you want to cover, but usually we only need one day to take measurements and consult with you, and one day to install the actual ceiling (once it’s manufactured). 

Can I add lighting? 

Yes! Lighting is actually really easy to add to Stretch Ceilings. We have different types of lighting:

What are the different finishes? 

Well, there are two different types of Stretch Ceilings. Fabric ceilings and PVC Ceilings. Fabric ceilings are used to improve a room’s acoustics. PVC Ceilings come in different finishes: 

Can stretch ceilings cover Popcorn Ceiling? 

Yes! Stretch ceilings are used to cover popcorn ceilings in a safe way. Popcorn ceilings are made with Asbestos, and they are very dangerous to remove. You can simply cover it with a stretch ceiling! 

Where do we work? 

All across the US! We can easily move wherever you need us. 

How can you contact us? 

You can email us at or call us: +1 (844) 326 7326