How lasers can help cutting precision and save time

At Eco Ceiling we make a very specific type of ceiling installation: stretch ceilings. Why are they so special?

Well, they are sheets of PVC ceiling that are stretched over aluminum tracks using heat. This means that a lot of calculations need to be done before any ceiling is cut: we have to figure out the exact measurements of the space and also calculate an extra couple centimeters to factor in the “stretch” factor. 

Before, we used to spend hours calculating, measuring precisely, and then cutting. This was a far too complicated task that sometimes made us a victim of human error. But this was also before we got our brand new laser! 

Of course, you might think the laser does the cutting, but no! It’s a tool that was created to project measurements precisely! It works in conjunction with computer software. All you need is to input an area, the software translates that to the laser, which projects it onto the floor (or the sheets of PVC that are lying on it). 

Here’s our principal, Alex, showing how the laser works: 

Isn't that cool? If you want to see all the wonderful things we can create with this brand new laser, you can check out our website!