9 mistakes to avoid when you're spring cleaning

Last year we came up with a guide to help you make the best out of your spring cleaning routine. We know that organization is one of the most important steps when it comes to cleaning your entire house, so we wanted to give you the necessary tools to do it perfectly. However, we didn’t really talk about what you shouldn’t do when you decide to take up this herculean task. 

Here are some of biggest mistakes people make when they are doing their spring cleaning: 

  1. Skipping the tough jobs: You know you’ve been avoiding clearing out those boxes in the garage for three years. Well, if you keep postponing it you’re always going to feel like you haven’t completed all your tasks! There’s no feeling like the relief you get after doing something you’ve been putting off for a long time. 
  2. Decluttering last:  If you get rid of the things you don’t need at the beginning, you can easily calculate how much space you’re gonna have by the end of your deep-clean! It’s also great to remove your clothes and objects from your closets and furniture to clean them on the inside. 
  3. Mixing different cleaners: it’s important to read the labels of all the cleaners you use! Some of them can’t really interact with each other, and they might be very dangerous, especially ones including bleach and ammonia. 
  4. Using the same cleaning cloth everywhere: Not only does this have the tendency to spread grime and germs from surface to surface, but it often makes the swipes streaky. We recommend swapping out your cleaning cloth every once in a while for a new, dry one.
  5. Cleaning all alone! It’s important to have fun with your family and to share responsibilities with other people! You can even divide chores and assign them to specific members of your family. 
  6. Cleaning from bottom to top: for this, we have to go back to our middle school class and remember the concept of gravity. If you scrub your floors squeaky clean and then proceed to dust your bookcase, the dust particles and debris that fall are going to ruin all your hard work! This is why we start from the top and then go down.  
  7. Using dirty tools: cleaning your vacuum or brooms before you start might seem excessive, but it also ensures that you’re not going to spread dirt and germs all over the surfaces you think you’re cleaning. Save yourself the trouble of having to go back to clean again! 
  8. Expecting to finish in one day: having a clear plan and schedule will really help you figure out how much you can do. It’s not a bad thing to narrow your cleaning to a certain area of your house or to split your work in different days, or even weeks! 

If you want some help organizing your schedule, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a checklist that we created so that you can make your spring cleaning an easy and enjoyable experience. 

Get your checklist

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