Starry Galaxy Ceiling made with Stretch Ceiling

Remember when you were a little kid and you used to stick those fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling, just to get the feeling that you were looking at a night sky? Well, now you can replicate that but make it look way more realistic! 


Using a combination of Stretch Ceilings and LED Lighting you can achieve a stunning galaxy ceiling, straight out of your favorite Science-Fiction movie (or, you know, nature). It’s perfect for kids’ rooms, or even for family rooms and playrooms. Here is an example of a Galaxy Ceiling that we installed in a home theater. 



Stretch ceilings are personalized PVC sheets that are fitted to your ceiling. They can be printed with any image that you want, and our Galaxy Ceilings are some of our best sellers. These can be paired with light spots on your ceiling to make it look like stars are scattered throughout it, or with Perimeter LED  Lighting, to add a soft glow to the whole installation. 


Here are some pictures of one of our finished projects! We worked with Purple LED Lights to match the color of the ceiling. You can also see just how easy it is to install a Stretch Ceiling (we can have it ready for you in just one day!). 

  • IMG_8098.JPG
  • IMG_8083.JPG
  • IMG_8100.JPG
  • IMG_8104.JPG
  • IMG_8115.JPG

If you’re interested in a Galaxy Ceiling or any other printed stretch ceilings, you can call us for a free consultation! Our interior designer can help you analyze the best options for your space. You can call us at +1 (844) 326 7326 or by filling this form.