Translucent ceilings: the new lighting trend

Translucent ceilings might be something that you haven’t heard about before, which is why we want to introduce them to you! Lately, they’ve been used more and more by interior designers to incorporate to multileveled ceilings, or simply to add lighting in an unconventional way. 


Translucent ceilings are a type of stretch ceilings, which means that they are made out of PVC that is stretched over aluminum tracks. What distinguishes them from regular stretch ceilings is, well…. the fact that they are translucent! They are always paired up with a light source, which is dimmed and diffused by the ceiling itself. 


Translucent ceilings can be kept simple and understated by using a white ceiling: 



They can also be the main character, by adding a print to the mix!



They can also be smaller, and be used as lighting appliances (although we technically call those light boxes).



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