Types of LED Strip Lights

LED Lights have always been a great addition to any room but, lately, we have been going through a strip light renaissance period! New people are getting introduced to the world of LED lighting and we couldn’t be happier about it (even if they get labeled “TikTok lights” because of the recent trends on the app). We want to talk a little more about the different ways you can install LED lights to change the aesthetic of your room:

First of all, Perimeter lights —that is, lights that go all around your entire room— can be an interesting way to make your room stand out. If you choose white lights, they can add a nice, subtle glow to your ceiling, making it look otherworldly. 

You can also pick the bolder option and use colorful lights to give your space a modern and funky aesthetic. 

Linear lights are a perfect way to be more original about your LED Lighting. If you don’t want to go the classic perimeter route, you can always get some linear lights to cut through your ceiling! They look interesting and out of the ordinary.

Here’s a video of our team installing Linear Lights for a recent project: 

Stretch Ceilings and LED perimeter lights are an ideal combination, not only because you can easily install both of them at the same time, but also because if you install a High Gloss ceiling, you can multiply the reflection of those lights! You will see them shine on your ceiling, too. 

LED lights don’t take long to install if a professional is involved. All you need to do is call us so we can measure your room, specify the type of lights that you’re looking for, and then we will come to install them. We even offer many different options, that include lights that change colors! If you’re interested in getting your own LED Lights, you can ask for a free consultation on our website. You can also call us at +1 (844) 326 7326 or email us at 

If you wanted to get some inspiration for your project, we’ve created a Pinterest board with some fun LED Lighting ideas!