Stretch Ceilings & Wall Coverings


Upscale any exhibit you have! Whether it's a trade show, art exhibition, art gallery, we can help you out!

Our product is ideal for ephemeral exhibitions, since the installation is fast, clean and the possibilities are endless! Just bring us the design or idea you have in your mind for your project and our architect designer in-house will help you with your exhibition!

From layout to choosing finishes, designs, lighting, logos, we got you covered! 

Write us with your questions and concerns!

Below you can see some work done for exhibitions for you to be inspired with, and see the capabilities of the Stretch Ceiling!

  • 60089-4274819.jpg
  • 60089-4274817.jpg
  • suspended-stretch-ceiling-exhibitions-events-displays-image-3.jpg
  • exhibitions-with-stretch-ceilings.JPG
  • what-a-stretch-ceiling-image-2.jpg
  • euroceil-stretch-ceiling-corporate-presentation-29-638.jpg
  • stretch-ceilings-expo-detail.jpg
  • smokeout_e.jpg
  • manggha-2.jpg
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