Fast & Clean Installation

No mess, no stress. Our stretch ceilings & wall coverings only require ONE DAY installation. The process is easy, fast and clean. 

Using a system of high­tech profiles, we can adapt to all kinds of shapes and wraps easily around architectural structures, doors, and windows. Our stretch ceilings and wall coverings can blends installation seamlessly with light systems including LEDs, spotlights, light fixtures, fiber optics, etc. as well as appliances air conditioning, soundproofing, VMC, and more.



Profile Installationrorod


We attach the FRAME all over

the perimeter of the room, or

to whatever surface we want to

cover, before installing the

chosen covering.


Membrane Production


With final measurements, we go back to our warehouse and create the site-specific membrane for your space: cutting, welding and folding. Now we are ready to go back and create a beautiful ceiling.




The material is now stretched

between the profiles, making

space for relocating any

lighting fixture, A/C Vent, fan,

chandelier, speaker, etc. on the

new ceiling, installing the new

ones if required.

What We Offer

Fast & Clean Installation


No mess, no stress. Our stretch ceilings & wall coverings only require ONE DAY installation. The process is easy, fast and clean.

Highest Quality Materials

Fabrics and materials imported from Europe, ensuring quality and durability.

Mantainance Free


Our products will never crack, flake, or peel. 15 year manufacturer guarantee.

Competitive Pricing


Perfect cost effective solution. We will match our competitor pricing as well as give you a free estimate.

Premium Features


Acoustic, sound quality material. Antibacterial.  Dirt and Water repellent. Non-flammable (USA Class A).

Fully Customizable


Challenge us with your design ideas and we will make it happen.

Before & After

Eco Ceiling

You will never look at your ceiling the same way again. Cover Popcorn or Damaged Ceilings with no mess and no stress.