• If you’ve been wanting to get a stretch ceiling you might have wondered if you have to change your entire lighting situation to accommodate your shiny new ceiling. Stretch ceilings are sheets of PVC that are stretched over aluminum tracks, so you might be confused: how can you install lights or fans on them? Well, it’s not as complicated as it sounds!

  • Last year we were lucky enough to get to provide ceilings and lighting to an entirely new condo in Privé Island Residences in Aventura, FL. Rather than our signature High Gloss ceilings, our client opted for a more sober satin ceiling, which gives a minimalistic effect, and still has some light reflection.

  • It’s difficult to describe something that isn’t really that based on style, but rather what it communicates. Coastal interiors have a relaxing atmosphere, they are full of light and they are airy. But the thing is, how can you achieve that?