• Stretch ceilings haven’t been around for that long, but they have been making strides and have become a worldwide trend. The innovative concept of stretching fabric over aluminum railing started —believe it or not— as an encouragement for people to change their ceilings as often as they wanted. 

  • Kitchens tend to be an afterthought when you’re designing your home. People like to focus on the flashy places: the living room, the master bedroom, even the bathrooms! But what about trusty old kitchens? The average American will spend hours upon hours in their kitchen, so they should receive as much love as all the other places in your home. We want to show you some of our ideas for kitchen ceilings, and how you can spice them up. 

  • Last year we got to work on this impressive project in Pompano Beach, skillfully captained by designer Debra Hook. We took over and created Stretch Ceilings for this entire condo, helping the designer —and the client!— achieve the effects they were hoping for.