Everything you need to know about Stretch Ceiling and Wall Coverings. Information about Installation, maintenance, best practices and more.

  • Spring cleaning is a great way to have a fresh start and face warmer months with a different, more positive predisposition. We know that keeping track of everything you have to do can be daunting and it can feel like a herculean effort. We can help you organize your thoughts and tasks! We’re attaching a printable version of this checklist, so you can keep track of what you have (or haven’t) done yet. 

  • Your living-room is the heart of your home, the place people will immediately see once they come inside. It’s the most important place to have in mind when you’re giving your home a makeover! Stretch ceilings are the quickest way to give your ceiling a revamp.

    Here are some ideas for different styles that might fit your living-room, depending on what you’re looking for! 

  • Stretch ceilings are made out of sheets of PVC or Fabric that are created specifically for the areas that are going to be covered. Both materials have the advantage that they can be easily installed and they both come in different finishes! Many times they are used to cover a popcorn ceiling that is pre-existing and unwanted. 

  • “Stretch ceilings” are true to their name: they are made out of fabric or PVC material that is stretched on metal frames. They look sleek and elegant and they are the hottest trend when it comes to indoor ceiling installation… but, how does it work? What goes into a stretch ceiling installation?

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