How to Pick the Perfect Ceiling for your Room

So you’ve decided you want to revamp your ceiling. That’s great! There are different ceiling styles that can suit certain spaces better or address specific needs. Stretch Ceilings are installed in just one day, so they are an easy and quick way to update your ceiling. We want to introduce you to some of our most popular finishes and options and tell you about how they can be adapted to your room: 

  1. Do you have a stunning view that you want to highlight? 
    Our high gloss ceilings have a very interesting characteristic: they can bring anything from the outside into your space! Palm trees, ocean fronts, cityscapes; you name it. Glossy ceilings have highly refractive properties, and can double your views and make you feel like you’re immersed in your surrounding landscapes (even when you’re inside). 
  2. Do you want to cover old popcorn ceiling?
    Actually, all stretch ceilings work for this purpose. However, if your goal is just to keep your space as simple as possible while avoiding the messiness of getting your popcorn ceiling professionally removed —which is the only way to remove it, since it might contain asbestos—, we recommend our matte finish! It looks just like drywall (but even neater!).
  3. Do you want to make your ceilings look higher?
    Some spaces look great, but have unfortunately low ceilings. Thanks to the optical illusion provided by our high gloss ceilings you can double the height of your space. They act in the same way that mirrors work when you want to make a room look wider!  
  4. Do you want to incorporate some bold design elements into your space? 
    Is your room just white walls, neutral-coloured furniture and no decorations that stand out? There's nothing worse than a dull space. For our more courageous clients, we offer a large array of different lighting and multilevel options. You can get some criss-cross linear lights, some backlit translucent ceilings, print a work of art that you can admire every day… the possibilities are endless! We can customize ceilings as much as you want so that you can achieve the effect you desire. 
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Of course, even though this can be a guide to help you choose your ceiling, you might also want to get some help from our team to pick the perfect ceiling for your space. You can contact us by filling out this form or via email at