• If you’ve been wanting to get a stretch ceiling you might have wondered if you have to change your entire lighting situation to accommodate your shiny new ceiling. Stretch ceilings are sheets of PVC that are stretched over aluminum tracks, so you might be confused: how can you install lights or fans on them? Well, it’s not as complicated as it sounds!

  • Eco Ceiling started out 6 years ago with the goal to enhance spaces that were made opaque by old asbestos-filled Popcorn Ceilings. Stretch Ceilings are very popular in Europe —where our founder, Alex, is from— and he saw his arrival in South Florida as a chance to introduce this innovative and unique product to Floridian designers. 

  • "Biophilic design" sounds like a very fancy term when you first read it. It comes from latin, bio —nature— and philia —love. The word “Biophilia” was coined by Erich Fromm (a psychoanalyst) who described it as “passionate love of life and of all that is alive…whether in a person, a plant, an idea, or a social group”. Applied to interiors, it’s basically design that focuses on including plants into spaces and prioritizes access to nature. 

  • So you’ve decided you want to revamp your ceiling. That’s great! There are different ceiling styles that can suit certain spaces better or address specific needs. Stretch Ceilings are installed in just one day, so they are an easy and quick way to update your ceiling. We want to introduce you to some of our most popular finishes and options and tell you about how they can be adapted to your room: 

  • Stretch ceilings haven’t been around for that long, but they have been making strides and have become a worldwide trend. The innovative concept of stretching fabric over aluminum railing started —believe it or not— as an encouragement for people to change their ceilings as often as they wanted. 

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