Adding Ceiling Lights and Ceiling Fans to Stretch Ceilings

If you’ve been wanting to get a stretch ceiling you might have wondered if you have to change your entire lighting situation to accommodate your shiny new ceiling. Stretch ceilings are sheets of PVC that are stretched over aluminum tracks, so you might be confused: how can you install lights or fans on them? Well, it’s not as complicated as it sounds!


The good thing about stretch ceilings is that they cover any imperfections, so cables for lights can be easily hidden! However, stretch ceilings are not really that far below the original ceiling, so for pre-existing lighting or fans, it’s as easy as making a very precise incision on the PVC material and then sealing it with heat. You can find a very clear example of how this works in the following video:

But most importantly, getting a stretch ceiling is a perfect way to add new light fixtures that can match the ceiling and revamp the entire space! It’s especially easy to install LED Lights when you get a stretch ceiling and they can be easily combined. In this case, the PVC material is cut exactly to fit the different segments delimited by the strip lighting. 

And not only that, a stretch ceiling can become the lighting itself. Yes, you read correctly: a ceiling can be transformed into light! You can make your ceiling light up with translucent ceilings or light boxes.

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