Top Eco-friendly Interior Design Tips

The current state of the environment is flooding our everyday lives, there are headlines warning us about our impending doom, and people are getting frantic about single-use plastics and reusable straws. We live in an era of change, it’s only logical for people to be more conscientious about the materials used to make their decor, too.   

Interior design is a very adaptable discipline, nothing’s set in stone, and it’s always open to new ideas and new ways to improve. In recent years we’ve seen an increase in ways to make your home design more “green”, and here are some of the things that you can take into account when joining this new wave: 

  • Go for less wasteful options: saving energy is incredibly easy, you energy starjust have to choose the right options when you’re shopping. Appliances that are energy-efficient will have an “Energy Star” sticker that you can watch out for! When it comes to lighting, there is a wide array of LED options in the market. LED lights use ⅓ of the energy that regular incandescent lightbulbs use, and they last 12 times longer! You can learn more about our very own LED lighting solutions here, on our website!     
  • Use the correct materials: This one is tricky because you can’t always be sure what your couch or your chairs are made of! However, some things are easier to control if you’re dealing with contractors directly. Check that the wood used for your flooring is sustainably sourced (you can check if it’s FSC certified, and bamboo is always a great option), that the fabrics you’re choosing are organic, and check that the materials that you’re using are fully recyclable and won’t be wasteful in the future. 
  • Re-use!: This might seem like a very simple concept and we should try to popularize it more! Why not hit up the flea market during the weekend or paint that chest of drawers that belonged to your grandmother? There’s originality and character in reused furniture, and you’re being as “green” as can be! 
  • Use products made from recycled materials: There are designers all over the world who are making an effort to be a part of this cycle and who use materials that have been recycled. It’s not even that hard to find these pieces! Even large chains like Ikea recycle old furniture and use it to make new pieces. Isn’t that cool? 

Ceilings are an integral part of interior design; they are as much a part of your household as your beds, walls, and kitchen counters. Ceilings can be original and add design elements, but they should also follow the rigorous scrutiny that we have been giving the rest of the design process. There are some pretty good options when it comes to sustainable ceiling design: bamboo ceilings, mineral fiber ceilings, metal ceilings… and stretch ceilings!  

installation of printed stretch ceilingAt Eco Ceiling we have always wanted to be as eco-friendly as possible in our procedures and installations (it’s right there in our name!). Our stretch ceilings are made of PVC, a completely recyclable material, that is stretched to create a stunning effect. We are very aware of how much waste the construction industry produces, and we don’t want to be a part of that chain.  Stretch ceilings are a way to get a product that is exceptionally good and that still takes care of the environment!

If you are looking for your very own stretch ceiling, we can help you! Our interior designer can assist you and answer any doubts you might have about our product. You can contact us via email at or o at +1 (844) 326 7326.