High Gloss and Satin stretch ceilings with linear lights

Our favorite projects are the ones where we can use different materials and design lighting installations! In this project’s case, we got to redesign the ceilings in the living-room, kitchen, TV room, and master bedroom. Check out all of them! 



The main feature to highlight in this room was the seaside view, so our client chose a high gloss ceiling to reflect it. High Gloss ceilings have refractive properties, which means that they can bring your view right into your room. 


  • photo4990393037926542040.jpg
  • photo4990393037926542037.jpg



For the kitchen, we were tasked with the great job of designing this stunning linear light installation! LED Lights work perfectly with stretch ceilings because you can seamlessly include them into your design, without having to break any drywall to install them. This criss-cross pattern is incredibly original and we love how it looks! 


  • photo4990393037926542033.jpg
  • photo4990393037926542034.jpg
  • photo4990393037926542035.jpg


TV Room and Master Bedroom 

For a more sober option, we chose a satin ceiling for these rooms. We paired them with recessed lighting for a more understated look. 


  • photo4990393037926542036.jpg
  • photo4990393037926542038.jpg

It’s always hard to make decisions when it comes to your house, but we’re here to help you! If you’re looking for a brand new ceiling to change the mood of your spaces or to cover up old popcorn ceiling, you can contact us through our form!