How To Install a Stretch Ceiling

“Stretch ceilings” are true to their name: they are made out of fabric or PVC material that is stretched on metal frames. They look sleek and elegant and they are the hottest trend when it comes to indoor ceiling installation… but, how does it work? What goes into a stretch ceiling installation?


1. First, choose your variety

Stretch ceilings are as versatile as they are aesthetically pleasing. You can choose from a wide range of finishes and styles. You also have the choice to print it or add a lighting fixture


stretch ceiling varieties


2. Then we prepare the space for the new ceiling! 

Once that you have selected the area you want to cover and you’ve decided on a finish, that’s when we come in! Stretch ceilings are made specifically for each client so we will take the final measurements and install the frame where your new ceiling will be stretched. At this point, we will also set up any electrical work that might need to be done. So, if you decided to add some snazzy linear lights or a sound system, this is when they would be set up! 


stretch ceiling installation

3. Now’s the time for production

Now, after everything is ready to go, we need to actually manufacture the ceiling you chose! We move from your home to our warehouse and we will create a ceiling that has the exact shape that’s needed for your space. At this stage, it would also be printed if you’ve chosen to do so. 


stretch ceiling manufacture

4. And finally, we install it

After this, we will bring the ceiling to your home and install it. In order for it to be smooth and perfect, some of our ceilings require the room to be heated! This will make the PVC material reach a perfect temperature where it can be stretched. After the ceiling is installed, we will reinstall any ACs or lights and make sure everything is perfect. 


pvc stretch ceiling installation

Stretch ceilings are a simple and straightforward way to make your ceiling look elegant and polished. With just a one-day installation you can upgrade your space and change it drastically! You can request a free estimate for your own project over here: