How to Soundproof your Room

Have you ever wondered why your spaces are noisy, or they sound like they have an annoying echo? Well, there are ways in which you can reduce noise and make your spaces feel fuller. Here are some! 


Cover your windows

By this, we don’t only mean making sure that your windows are correctly insulated so no sounds come in from the outside (although you should check that, too!). Covering your windows with curtains or blinds can really help reduce unwanted echoes, since sound bounces on the glass. By adding an extra layer of fabric you make sure that the noises are absorbed properly. 


Add a rug

Rugs, especially ones made of wool, are perfect for sound-proofing spaces, since they are thick and absorb sound waves. They are also great because they reduce the noises created by footsteps on hard floors! 


Get a fabric stretch ceiling

Fabric stretch ceilings have incredible acoustic properties and they are a great way to create an extra layer between your noisy upstair neighbors and yourself. They are easily installed in just one day, and they can be easily customized. You can learn more about our fabric ceilings on our website.  


Fill your room with furniture

A good way to make sure there are more surfaces that can absorb sounds is to just… fill up the room. Adding couches, pillows, and settees can assure that the soundwaves won’t have any empty hard surfaces on which to bounce!



If you’re looking to get your own acoustic ceiling you can request a free consultation with our team by filling out the following form or calling us at +1 (844) 326 7326. Do you know any other tips to soundproof your home? Let us know!