How to spring clean your entire house in a day

Spring cleaning is supposed to make you feel refreshed and renewed, but who are we kidding? It's exhausting. And if you have a full-time job, it can feel impossible. But did you know that with a few simple tools and some well-placed pre-planning, you can get your entire house spring cleaned in just one day? Here’s how: 


-Break it down. If the thought of doing the whole house in one day overwhelms you, don't think of it as "the whole house." Break it down by room, and make a list of all the little tasks that need completing (like wiping down windowsills and blinds, dusting picture frames and ceiling fans, etc.). Tackle one room at a time.


-Get your playlist ready. We don't know about you, but music is the best way to get pumped up for any chore—and that includes cleaning. Whether you're into pop or country or EDM, find some fast-paced songs to get you hyped up for your day of cleaning. Put them on shuffle and start moving!


-Make it fun. Once you've got your music queued up, add some snacks. Cleaning with friends or family? Make it a competition! The more fun you make it, the quicker you'll be able to get through each task.


-Try this half-and-half trick. Tackle the first half of your house in the morning, and the second half in the afternoon.


-Set a timer on your phone for 15 minutes per zone. This way you can take breaks periodically and you can also keep it moving! You don’t need to reorganize your entire household, just do the cleaning! 


-Make a plan. Your bathroom will probably take the longest of all the rooms, so start there.

Next, tackle your kitchen.While the sink is full of water and cleaning solution, wipe down countertops, appliances and cabinets. 


-Do all your shopping in advance. If you need bins to put your winter clothes in or if you need specific cleaning products, remember to buy them beforehand!


-Get help. This is extremely important! If you want to get things done quickly, you can recruit your kids or spouse. Divide the house and put each family memeber in charge of one room. A little bit of teamwork goes a long way in getting that house clean!


Last year we created a printable checklist with all the places in your household and what you might need to clean in them. Check it out! 


Spring Cleaning Checklist 


If you have the time, manpower and energy, there are ways to spring clean your whole space in one day. Remember that there's no one way to get it all done—you're doing it all on your own. Be realistic with yourself, and know that getting a whole house clean in one day is pretty terrific if you do it right!


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