LED Lights and Stretch Ceilings in Aventura

Last year we were lucky enough to get to provide ceilings and lighting to an entirely new condo in Privé Island Residences in Aventura, FL. Rather than our signature High Gloss ceilings, our client opted for a more sober satin ceiling, which gives a minimalistic effect, and still has some light reflection.

Paired with the incredibly beautiful view of the city, this condo looks exceptionally modern. A big contributor to this contemporary look are the linear lights that have been added to the ceiling in rectangular shapes.

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Big open areas can look very vacant and stripped down when the walls and ceilings are bare, so this client decided to incorporate the lights in both the living-room and the kitchen area. 


Linear LED lights are a really easy way to make ceilings interesting, especially because of how unexpected it is to have them in geometrical shapes. It’s also very simple to incorporate them to a stretch ceiling, since the material can be molded to fit the lights perfectly. 


Here’s a video of our team installing lights for this project: 

Stretch ceilings are the latest trend in Florida, and we’re proud to offer the best service in the area! You can ask for a free consultation or email us at


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