Seafront Condo in Miami - High Gloss Stretch Ceilings

For the residents of a luxury beachfront condo in Miami, relaxation isn't just a lifestyle choice—it's a necessity. So how do you ensure that your condo unit feels like a vacation from the moment you open the door?


This living room has a wall of windows that open to the ocean and let in a beautiful landscape. We created a unique, eye-catching space in this Miami home by combining stretch ceilings that reflect the sea with a stunning chandelier. They really help showcase the water views and create a sense of calm and luxury.


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Stretch ceilings in this project were used both as decorative elements and functional parts of the interior. After all, their main advantage is that they are completely waterproof and do not absorb odors. So you can be sure that your condo will always be safe from moisture damage!


For the kitchen, we installed a black glossy ceiling to give the kitchen a loft-like feel. Black stretch ceilings can be found in some of the most extravagant homes and hotels. They are becoming more and more popular thanks to the contemporary clean lines they give a room.


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And for the bedroom, our client splurged on a galaxy ceiling! It’s one of our favorite types of ceilings because they include complex lighting installations that make it look like your ceiling is twinkling like the night sky! 




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