Stretch Ceiling and LED Lights in Pompano Beach

We’re here to talk about another one of our favorite projects! We installed brand new ceilings and lighting in an entire condo in Pompano Beach, and we’d like to tell you a little bit about the process and the perks of these ceilings. 

High Gloss stretch ceilings work perfectly with seaside apartments because they can reflect the view! It’s one of the reasons why our client wanted shiny, reflective ceilings. Stretch ceilings can work around any pre-existing lighting or ceiling fixtures, such as the fans in the pictures below! No need to change up the entire configuration of your spaces. 

high gloss stretch ceiling

A very interesting characteristic of this project is that we got to combine different ceiling colors, creating a color-blocked space in the integrated kitchen. This was done to create an illusion of separation from the rest of the living area, especially since it was also paired with LED Lights. 

led lights stretch ceiling

LED lighting has been gaining traction in the past few years, mostly thanks to social media and influencers. Our client chose color-changing lights to alter the mood of the space; it allows rooms to have different vibes depending on what color you choose! 

  • IMG_7680.jpg
  • IMG_7678.jpg
  • IMG_7685.jpg


If you want to create a space that feels unique, we can help you adapt our ceilings to your own style and preferences. You can book a free consultation by calling us at +1 (844) 326 7326 or just filling out this form