Stretch Ceilings at Casacor Miami 2019

CASACOR Miami, the American counterpart to the famous Brazilian exhibition, is an annual event that gathers both renowned and up-and-coming designers based in Miami and its surroundings. It presents a unique opportunity for visitors to interact with all types of interior designers and to get in touch with the latest trends. 


Eco Ceiling was a prominent part of the 2019 edition of CASACOR Miami, collaborating with 4 different designers. Each of these designs was very unique and we got to try different finishes and techniques. 


B+G Designs


Giselle and Brett make up B+G Designs, a powerful duo that created this copper wonderland for last year’s edition of CASACOR. Their work has been featured on NBC, CBS, and HGTV and on several print publications. They also specialize in lighting design, which is clearly shown in the space that they created. For this exhibit, we created a tinted High Gloss Ceiling, to go hand-in-hand with their printed walls. 

  • CASACOR_MIAMI_2019_B+G_Design_B8_112-HDR-Edit_4K.jpg
  • CASACOR_MIAMI_2019_B+G_Design_B8_109-HDR-Edit_4K.jpg
  • CASACOR_MIAMI_2019_B+G_Design_B8_091-HDR-Edit_4K.jpg
  • CASACOR_MIAMI_2019_B+G_Design_B8_160-HDR-Edit_4K.jpg


Light on White


Light on White Design Studio is an interior design firm directed by Alizée Brion. Both for their interior and their product design, they are always searching for a new challenge, always focused on bringing elegance and refinement to whatever they do. They have described their space as “A jewelry box of treasured furnishings”. For their exhibit, we created a simple (yet classy!) white High Gloss Ceiling. 


  • CASACOR_MIAMI_2019_Light_On_White_B16_016-HDR-Edit_4K.jpeg

Ground Control 


Ground Control Miami is an artistic movement that collaborates with creators, industry leaders, and audiences across a wide range of disciplines to build a network through the visual and performative arts. For their space, they asked for a printed Stretch Ceiling to match the works of art that were being exhibited.


  • IMG_0878 (2).JPG
  • IMG_0879.JPG
  • IMG_0881.JPG
  • IMG_0880.JPG
  • IMG_0882.JPG
  • IMG_0883 (1).JPG
  • IMG_0884.JPG
  • IMG_0885.JPG
  • IMG_0886 (1).JPG



The Italian group Pininfarina started out doing car design for brands like Ferrari and Maserati, and then expanded to different areas of design, including interiors. With time they have become trendsetters and icons of Italian aesthetic values. Their American branch is based in Miami, and they designed this wonderful, nature-filled space. For their exhibit, we created translucent light boxes!


  • 11.jpg
  • 22.jpg

We can’t wait to work with all of them again! If you’re a designer and you have a project in mind, we can help you figure out which of our finishes would work best! You can contact us at or fill out this form.