Tools we use to install Stretch Ceilings

Have you ever wondered what specific tools we use to install stretch ceilings? Well, you don’t need to wonder any longer. We’re here to tell you everything we can about the installation process for stretch ceilings, and to demystify it! 


First of all, we use our measuring laser to delimit the area we need, and then cut it to size. This might seem complex, but it really isn't! Just think about it like a projection. You enter the size you need, and the laser (which is fixed to the ceiling) projects the shape you need to cut. 



We also use industrial printers for colored or patterned ceilings. The printer lays down a layer of ink, and then another layer of paper is laid on top of it. The result is a picture printed on paper that looks like it's been painted!


The third tool we use is aluminum railing to hold the stretch ceiling taught. This keeps it from sagging, and it’s essential when you're trying to hold up a piece of PVC over your head while stretching it with a heat gun!


The last tool we use is a heat gun to stretch the PVC material—it’s the best way to make a ceiling look flat and flawless. 



So what are you waiting for to get your own stretch ceiling? We’re happy to help you decide which ceiling is best for your space. Are you looking for a shiny glossy ceiling, or something a little more sober? We’ve got you covered. Just fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you!