What is Stretch Ceiling made of?

Stretch ceilings are made out of sheets of PVC or Fabric that are created specifically for the areas that are going to be covered. Both materials have the advantage that they can be easily installed and they both come in different finishes! Many times they are used to cover a popcorn ceiling that is pre-existing and unwanted. 

What is PVC stretch ceiling? 

PVC is very versatile and can be used in several different ways to cover ceilings and walls! With the help of heat, it can be stretched to be a perfectly taught and straight covering. It can also be printed for an extra wow factor! There are different finishes available: 

high gloss stretch ceilingHigh Gloss - For an effect that will double your space. 

satin stretch pvc ceilingSatin - Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms! 

matte stretch ceilingMatte - A classic option, it will make it look like you have a drywall ceiling. 

translucent backlit ceilingTranslucent - Backlit translucent ceilings provide soft lighting! 

What is fabric stretch ceiling? 

If you have noise problems in your space, fabric ceilings are the best option for you! Acoustic fabric stretch ceilings can solve any problems you might have with echo, or any noise pollution you might have because of a lack of soundproofing. 

Of course, we understand that choosing what material and finish work best for you isn’t an easy feat! That’s where we come in. Our interior designer will help you pick the best option for your specific needs and the overall aesthetic of your space.

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