How to Cover Popcorn Ceilings

We all have our own aesthetic opinions about popcorn ceiling: it’s dated, it doesn’t look neat, it’s hard to match with more modern furniture. But the dangers of popcorn ceilings aren’t just visual! Removing a popcorn ceiling could also be dangerous for your health. 



Asbestos has always been a hot topic in the US, especially considering the long journey that it took for the substance to be accepted as a health hazard. Asbestos can cause asbestosis (scarring of lung tissue) and it can even lead to lung cancer. Not all popcorn ceilings have asbestos, but your ceiling might. This material was used for textured ceilings up until 1977, when this type of paint was banned. However, many homebuilders continued to use it despite the legal barriers. 


This is when the problem comes in: removing popcorn ceiling might be hazardous. Asbestos is generally okay when left alone, but it could be released in a removal procedure (that’s why popcorn ceilings should be strictly removed by professionals). But there is another option that is much simpler and quicker: you can cover your textured ceiling with a stretch ceiling


Stretch ceilings are an option that can offer an added value. You can choose from a wide variety of finishes and colors and they generally take just one day to install. If you’re worried about popcorn ceiling being outdated, you can take a more modern approach with this innovative option! 


high gloss stretch ceiling


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